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4 Ways To Improve Your Eye Allergy Symptoms

Here’s some quick tips on Eye Allergy Symptoms:

1) Stop rubbing your eyes! Your mom was right, that just makes it worse. Prostaglandins, chemotactic-factors, and other nasty molecules are being released into your eye tissue making things itchy, puffy, and red when you rub.

2) Remove allergens from your eyes. You can flush them out with artificial tears after you mow the lawn. Try putting the drops in the refrigerator for an eyeball cooldown.

3) Take it easy on the contact lens wearing. The lenses are trapping allergens in your eye that would otherwise be flushed out with your tears. Limit your wear time, don’t sleep in them, and consider daily disposable contact lenses.

4) Try eye drop medication. Drops are much more effective than oral meds in controlling eye allergies. Over the counter meds containing Ketotifen can be very effective. If you want the big guns, ask your optometrist for an Rx.