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Vision Care

Complete Eyecare is More than Just a Vision Exam

Your eye examination consists of various procedures to evaluate the health of your eyes and to determine the prescription lenses needed for your best possible vision. Our doctors make it an interesting and very comfortable experience for our patients. We want you to know that our office will refer any patient to the appropriate specialist if we detect or suspect any problems that are not treated by us.
  • Contact lens expertise: We fit soft and hard contacts; Bifocal, Toric, Daily disposable lenses, overnight wear lenses, and children’s contact lenses. Our staff also gives patients one on one training on all the do’s and do not’s of contact lens wearing.
  • High Fashion Frames and Glasses: Our doctors and opticians work hard to find high quality lenses and frames that fit your specific needs. New progressive multifocal lenses, high-tech lens materials, and anti-reflective lens coatings are tailor made for our patients at a local Idaho laboratory. Our certified optical staff have on average, thirteen years of professional experience.
Comprehensive Eye Exams with the Optos Retinal Exam: Annual eye exams are vital to maintaining your vision and overall health. Not only do we perform comprehensive eye examinations, but we’re able to capture a photo of your retina to review the health of the back of your eye with you and compare the photos in future exams.