Eye Care in Meridian, ID

At The Eye Site, we’re committed to providing comprehensive eye care services to the community of Meridian, ID. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest in eye care technology to ensure you receive the best possible care.
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Key Services

Woman taking comprehensive eye exam

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye exams are designed to assess every aspect of your vision and eye health. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools to detect any early signs of eye conditions, ensuring that your vision is always at its best.

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Dry Eye Treatment

With our specialized dry eye treatments, we aim to alleviate discomfort and improve eye health. Our tailored approaches may include lifestyle changes, prescription drops, and innovative therapies like LipiScan and TempSure Envi.

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Child wearing eyeglasses playing happily

Myopia Management

Our myopia management strategies are focused on slowing the progression of myopia in children and young adults. Through the use of atropine drops, Ortho-K lenses, and soft multifocal lenses, we work to preserve vision and prevent future complications.

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Supporting Services

Pediatric Eye Exam

Ensuring your child’s vision develops healthily, pediatric eye exams play a crucial role in the early detection and treatment of vision issues.

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Contact Lens Exam

Our comprehensive contact lens exams ensure optimal fit and comfort, accommodating special conditions such as astigmatism or keratoconus.

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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) provides detailed images of the retina for early detection and management of eye diseases.

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LASIK Evaluation

We offer LASIK evaluations to determine your suitability for surgery and guide you through the process with our expert advice and referrals.

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Corneal Refractive Therapy

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) is an innovative, non-surgical option for myopia correction that uses overnight lenses to reshape your cornea.

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The Optomap retinal exam is a non-invasive procedure that gives us a comprehensive view of the retina, aiding in the early detection of potential health issues.

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Vision Condition Management

We manage a variety of vision conditions to ensure your eyesight is clear and comfortable by utilizing the latest treatments and technologies.

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Eye Disease Management

Our eye disease management programs are designed to diagnose, treat, and manage eye diseases, keeping your vision healthy and preventing further complications.

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Neurolens offers a revolutionary solution to alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain through customized prescription lenses that correct eye misalignment.

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Cataract Evaluations and Co-management

At The Eye Site, we offer thorough cataract evaluations to detect the presence and progression of cataracts. Our experienced team provides personalized co-management solutions, working closely with you and your surgeon to ensure a seamless experience before, during, and after cataract surgery.