Dr. Ana Nielson, Optometrist in Meridian, ID

Dr. Ana Nielson is a dedicated optometrist in Meridian, ID, who’s renowned for her comprehensive approach to eye care and her ability to diagnose and manage ocular diseases. Alongside Dr. Ryan Nielson, she co-founded The Eye Site, where she continues to provide exceptional care to families, enhancing their vision and overall eye health.

Dr. Ana Nielson at The Eye Site Meridian, ID

About Dr. Nielson


Dr. Nielson’s journey in eye care began at U.C. Davis, followed by advanced training at the Illinois College of Optometry, where she also met her future husband and business partner.


Since moving to Idaho and opening The Eye Site, Dr. Nielson has amassed extensive experience in ocular health, focusing on the diagnosis and management of conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as co-managing cataract and LASIK patients.


While Dr. Nielson excels in various areas of eye care, her true passion lies in assisting families. She finds joy in helping both children and adults achieve their best possible vision through glasses or contact lenses.

Achievements & Memberships

A notable achievement in Dr. Nielson’s career is co-founding The Eye Site, a testament to her commitment to providing top-quality eye care services. Her work reflects a deep dedication to her patients and her community.


Originally from the Bay Area in California, Dr. Nielson has made Idaho her home since 2002, embracing the community and contributing to its well-being through her professional work.

Get to Know Dr. Nielson

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Nielson enjoys running and spending quality time with her three children, balancing her roles as a healthcare provider, mother, and active member of the Idaho community.

Our Eye Doctors Care

Dr. Nielson exemplifies the compassionate, skilled approach that defines our team at The Eye Site. Her commitment to patient care and her broad expertise make her an invaluable asset to our practice and to every family she serves.
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